Nivea Sun Sun, I love you


  • – Increase awareness of the Nivea Sun brand on the beach
  • – Introduce the new products:
       NIVEA SUN TanActivator
       NIVEA SUN Kids play and swim
  • – Teach customers to apply the tanning products correctly.


We used four different channels for our BTL strategy:


We made a map of sunny places in Russia, where customers could check the weather, select the most suitable products, add their own beaches, check existing ones and see where Nivea Sun promos were taking place.


Consumers could buy the product
for half the price is was selling for in nearby shops and also receive gifts!

Also, we:

  • – branded the umbrellas,
       changing rooms and even WATER
  • – offered out samples
  • – help professional consultations

Point of sales

Interactive consultations to help consumers select the most suitable lotion as well as product testing were held at all the points of sale in 17 Russian cities.


We held lively lessons for primary school children and a creative contest for school teachers to see who could come up with the best lesson about how to stay safe in the sun.


Interactive online map

Unique summer oases with
interactive consultations at
points of sale.

Direct sales on the beach

Lively lessons in primary
school about to stay
safe in the sun


4 000 000 contacts
with the brand
500 000 qualitative contacts
market share increase +4%
increase in sun care
products consumers