Nutella + Fruit Summer Campaign

Fresh way of product’s consumption in Russia:

Summer means sun, heat, and fun times on the beach. Heat means that people want fresh food over sweet food. That's why sales of chocolate-nut spreads fall. Our task was to promote sales in the off-season.

We found a strategically sound solution and created
a fresh innovative way to encourage product consumption in Russia: Nutella with Fruit! Now all we had to do was spread the word!
So we developed an integrated advertising campaign centered around a photo contest on and informed everyone via the relevant channels.

Cheerful teams of entertainers
attracted people's attention
in busy streets, parks, and on beaches
with a GIANT jar of Nutella.

Fresh tastes of summer from
NUTELLA at the points of sale.

Tasting samples were distributed
in parks and on beaches adding to
the summery mood with NUTELLA!

A perfect summer's day
starts with NUTELLA!