Jacobs Monarch Friends day


For a hundred years nothing happened in the coffee world...While in 2013 there was no real revolution, we did see the introduction of the innovative instant ground coffee, Jacobs Monarch Millicano!


To develop an impressive communications and truly innovative advertising campaign


We planned and conducted a highly effective nationwide campaign focused on the innovative advantages of Jacobs Monarch Millicano

A Millicano TV commercial was launched on national and satellite channels. 1.5 million samples were distributed in popular magazines. Billboards were installed alongside the main highways of Russia's 35 largest cities.**

A PR event “Millicano Breaking News” featured journalists and celebrities. The event yielded 150 print articles about Jacobs Monarch Millicano in the mass media.

Promoters gave out Millicano samples and
served hot coffee
on the streets and in shopping malls.

The world's first digital sampling and home delivery campaign was launched on Millicano.ru

Unique installations in shopping malls. Visitors could have their picture taken against a futuristic cityscape with a cup of Millicano coffee in their hands.