The day before Valentine's Day people run themselves ragged
looking for romantic presents for their significant others.
Media Markt has a wide assortment of goods to suit any taste,
but giving appliances for Valentine's Day is considered
a faux pas.

A viral campaign to change this point of view
and created a new romantic image of electronic devices
in consumers’ minds and to clearly distinguish the German electronic store from its competitors in the Russian market.

In Russian, the word 'техника' can mean either appliances or techniques, so the slogan has a double meaning: love gadgetry or love-making skills.


increase of in-store consumer traffic

Users’ shares were over achieved by 32% higher than expected


We created a short funny online test on the site which to defined what kind of electronic device best matches your personality and behavior in romantic relationships. Lovers received a Valentine's message with a description of their matching love technique in an unusual format.


We headed out to movie theaters and shopping malls. Before the showings of romantic premieres, we gave out hundreds of Valentine's messages from Media Markt describing unusual love techniques and... branded condoms!


We set up whole departments of “love gadgets” in hypermarkets, where couples could not only wish each other a happy Valentine's Day in an unconventional manner but also pick up a gift suggestive of a “fantastisch” evening..