Логотип РиттерСпорт Иконка прокрутки вниз


To launch new and unusual Ritter Sport flavours in a non-standard way with a scarce budget in a tough economic environment faced by Russia in 2015


Ritter Sport is a German chocolate brand known for a vast variety of fillings. And what do we know about Russians? They are weird! Strange behaviour, unusual jokes and most of all - crazy tastes in food!


German chocolate meets Russian Cuisine! To attract attention to the new flavours we decided to play a national joke on April's Fools Day by creating an online voting campaign with four absurd all-Russian fillings: Cranberry&Vodka, Medovik, Creme Brulee and .....Pike Caviar chocolate! The idea was powerful enough to create national buzz across multimedia channels and make Russians believe it was true.


Social media went nuts! Discussion went beyond social media to all channels: Digital, TV, Radio. Celebrities and bloggers fueled national interest and loads of UGC appeared. After reveal was made the most active participants got samples of new REAL flavours: Honey Almond with Salt, Peppermint, Buttermilk Lemon and Mint Strawberry. In just 10 days we received massive PR and free media coverage - a straggering ROI-50 on a budget of only 6000 EURO. Most importantly: 140% of sales plan fulfilled!

250 000

unique votes in 10 days

8 000 000

users social media posts reached


increase in traffic to the website

300 000 €

Free Media

120 000 000

Media impressions in Russia alone