NEWSWEEK integrated campaign

Everybody knows. We understand

the advertising slogan of “Explaining on fingers” Campaign


• Emphasize the nature of the magazine:
an objective, accurate, revealing the essence of events
• Announcement of a new issue


Practically censorship is officially banned, but due to general government line all media are under control. Readers must be educative and should read between the lines to reach the horizon of truth. Newsweek is a magazine for everyone, thus it highlight the key points and serve up the information in the simplest way.


The hook we have developed for Newsweek’s advertising campaign is very simple: we explain everything on fingers, using clear and simple gestures. Only with the help of gestures the edition conveys exact, bright and objective interpretation to difficult, ambiguous "official" formulations, pointing at reasons, purposes or senses, denying or discrediting statements of officials.