Mazda Other Dimension


• Relaunch Mazda Brand in Russia
• Supported by the launch of the RX-8 as the leading model of Mazda's new imagel
• Create an unmistakable public presence and grow by “word of mouth”
• Join the global/ European Mazda ‘zoom-zoom’ community
• Be “daring” and “ingenious” and having “fun” while doing so

Target Audience /
Research Results

• Research has shown that Russian “Zoom-Zoomers”
are ready for Mazda's DIF brand.
• To make the brand communication more
effective we suggest to differentiate
the focus for
each modell: - RX8, Mazda3, Mazda6
• RX8 is to play the key role in the
communication campaign.

Target Audience Proposed Focus RX-8

• Focus on “extreme Zoom-Zoomers” - self-assured,
well-off men looking for anunconventional car to fulfill
their desire for the sporty driving dynamics
of a roadster “a lot of fun to drive” and to express
their individuality with a unique choice of car.
• Prestige, values and accessories that provide comfort could be
especially attractive to the “status-oriented” consumer section
• The main communication task is for the RX-8
to serve as the flagship image for the whole Mazda range
and to promote the DIF spirit of the brand.

Other Dimension.
Product Placement

• According to experts, it is one of the most successful cases in Russian product placement. The communication platform for the launch was tightly incorporated in the Day watch product placement project – ‘ brand concept placement’

• The placement project included free participation in a cinema, TV and OOH trailer campaign as well as a musical TV clip which used car scenes from the movie.


Print&PR Buzz


• After the movie's first run, consumer waiting lists reached a record high of up to 2.5 years.

• The brand's reputation changed, moving into the premium market segment, thus raising the price of the car.

• The Zoom-Zoom campaign launch in the Russian market became a unique example of correct and successful product placement for various product segments.

• The Russian subdivision of Mazda controlled by Mazda Motors Europe devolved and is now under direct control of Mazda Japan General.